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Jet Lag
Jet lag is a temporary condition, which doesn’t require any sort of treatment. When a person is travelling by air to another country, it disturbs their circadian rhythm. However, after a few days, jet lag goes away. People can take medication such as melatonin to fix their disturbed sleeping cycle sooner, especially if they are attending a conference or visiting a country for a few days for a day and need to fly back home or somewhere else.

What Causes Jet Lag?
Jet lag is a physiological condition that upsets our body's circadian (daily) rhythms; it is therefore classified as a circadian rhythm disorder.Jet lag, also known as time zone change syndrome or desynchronosis, occurs when people travel rapidly from east to west, or west to east in an aircraft.Jet lag symptoms tend to be more severe when the person travels from westward compared to eastward.

People who fly frequently, nationally and internationally, may need to buy melatonin tablets to induce sleep. Jet lag leads to fatigue during the day, disturbed sleep, difficulty concentrating, inability to function, and stomach issues. People who experience severe jet lag can take medication to prevent the symptoms associated with it and receive a peaceful sleep.

Is There a Cure for Jet Lag?
People take medication for jet lag to decrease the effects related to it, but the medications cannot cure jet lag. Frequent fliers can take jet lag medication such as melatonin to sleep better, adjust their inner biological clock, and enjoy their stay in the new country.

How do Jet Lag Medications Work?
Jet lag, a temporary sleep disorder, goes away within a few days. Some people experience a severe form of jet lag than others, which is why they are required to take jet lag medications. Without taking medication to treat jet lag, it can take the body anywhere from three to five days to fix the circadian rhythm. Jet lag medications regulate the person’s sleep cycle by promoting the production of melatonin in the body to allow the person to receive at least ten hours of sleep. You can buy jet lag medication online from a credible health clinic in London.