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Welcome to London Medical
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A diagnostic outpatient clinic in London’s most prestigious medical district.

Many of London’s most renowned consultants carry out their private practice exclusively with us, because we provide an environment that patients love, with high quality, state-of-the-art facilities, and an in-house pharmacy.

London Medical Online Pharmacy brings to you the expertise of our Consultants and in-house pharmacy to cater for treatments of certain lifestyle ailments and other conditions from the comfort of your PC, tablet or mobile phone.

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London Medical Online Pharmacy – The New Online Prescribing Service

Expertise in treating, Erectile Dysfunction, Acid Reflux, Heart Burn, High Cholesterol, Travellers Diarrhoea, Jet Lag, Hair Loss and many more ailments 


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- Holly Raymen -

“Great efficiency and friendliness of all staff.” Holly Raymen
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- xyz -

“Dr. Ralph Abraham, his nurses and secretaries have all provided me with Excellent treatment and service since 7/1991! He remembers and thinks of things no other doctor does/has done. He has good ideas. I wish him good health and happiness for many years.” xyz
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- abc -

“Very efficient, professional and friendly. Convenient location.” abc


Medication in 3 easy steps

Mr. Birol Aygun


GPHC Number :2086400

Dr Ralph Abraham

An experienced physician with a reputation established over 40 years in the private sector in the fields of obesity, diabetes, endocrinology, lipids and heart disease prevention.    Sees patients from all over the world and often as a tertiary referral in the fields of advanced or brittle diabetes and heart attack and stroke prevention.

GPHC Number :1587566


For a specialist Consultant appointment (no Doctor's referral required) or to get
second opinion Call : +44 (0)800 0483 330 Email :