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Malaria Prevention Tablets
If you are travelling to an area with a malaria risk you will need to take malaria prevention tablets.

It is also highly recommended that you take other precautions when visiting a malaria country:

Avoid mosquito bites by using a DEET based insect repellant like:

  • Apply to exposed skin and thin clothing.
  • Apply regularly.
  • Apply after the sunscreen not before.

Use mosquito nets at night and wear long sleeves and long trousers where possible.
Talk to your doctor if you develop a fever in the 12 months after your visit.
Spray an insecticide in the bedroom at night to kill mosquitos.
Keep windows closed at night unless protected by mosquito nets.

All malaria tablets must be taken exactly as prescribed to be effective.

What is malaria?
Malaria is a potentially fatal disease in tropical countries that is transmitted through a bite from a mosquito. In 2014 there were 1586 cases of malaria brought back to the UK.

The symptoms of malaria are:

  • a high temperature
  • sweats and chills
  • headache
  • diarrhoea
  • vomiting
  • muscle pains
  • jaundice

Symptoms can start 7 days after being bitten, usually within 3 months but can be up to a year after.

Only one bite is needed to transmit malaria.

What do malaria tablets do?
Taking the correct malaria prevention tablet for your destination can reduce your risk of malaria by 90% (NHS CHOICES)

Malaria tablets help the body fight the parasite which causes malaria. So if you are bitten by a mosquito carrying the parasite the regular dose of the malaria tablets will help to protect you from the disease.

Which malaria tablet do I take?
Different regions of the world have different recommendations for malaria prevention. You can access our travel destination page which will explain the recommendations for each country.
Where there are more than one recommendation the choice will depend on things such as cost, side effects, pregnancy and breast-feeding, previous medical history, current medication, if you have a number of destinations which may require different medications. Our prescriber will help.

How do I order malaria tablets?
Click the link to the product and complete the online consultation. (our prescriber will contact you if they need more information or need to change your choice)
Make payment and your medication will be despatched to your work or home address as soon as tomorrow (if you choose Royal Mail guaranteed next day delivery option).
Malaria prophylaxis tablets are not available on the NHS.

What do I do if the malaria tablet I want is not recommended for that destination?
It is very important that you take the recommended option. The recommended tablet for a destination is reviewed and updated constantly by international experts. The final choice of malaria tablet is always with your prescriber because they are trained to make that choice given the complex array of information that each consultation presents.

How do I take malaria tablets?
Each product is taken slightly differently so make sure you take the original pack with you which has the dosage information for you. You can click on the individual products to find out more. In general malaria tablets have to be taken before you travel, while you are in the malaria zone and for a set period of time after you leave.

Do I need to take tablets if the country I am visiting is my country of origin?
Yes. This is the biggest group of UK citizens who catch malaria.
Immunity from malaria is lost a few months after leaving a country so it is very important to take malaria tablets and use prevention measures.

Should I travel?
Malaria tablets and bite prevention measures do not give 100% protection from malaria. You should consider in your own circumstances whether you think the risk is acceptable.
People who do not have a spleen, have kidney, lung, liver or heart disease are at extra risk. Malaria is likely to be more severe for these people and may bring about a deterioration in their chronic condition.

What should I do if I get malaria?
If you get any of the symptoms above you must seek medical help immediately.

What if I take other medication?
Please let our online prescriber know if you take any other medication either prescribed or over the counter.

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