If you are trapped in an uneven sleep schedule which is not working for you because you’re having some trouble getting up in the morning or staying up later than you want, what can you do? Yes, we have the answer! You can buy Melatonin tablets and put these steps to use to reset your sleep cycle!

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Adjust your bedtime, but be patient.
If you’re looking to go to sleep earlier, try slowly going back your bedtime until you reach at the desired time. Often you might need help from a doctor with this. As a general rule, it’s easy to push away sleep than to advance sleep. So you could easily stay up later an hour at a time, but going to bed earlier is much challenging. To do this, adjust not more than 15 minutes each time for every 2-3 days.circadian rhythm

Do not nap, even if you feel tired.
Napping can affect you going to sleep time at night. Scheduling exercise when you feel like napping does help. The activity will drive away the sleepiness. Then you can manage to sleep at the exact time you decided.

Do not over sleep.
Being consistent is essential in maintaining a working sleep schedule. Get a good alarm clock and don’t press snooze. The clock in your head needs instructions. It should know, what is your chosen time to get up. And the brain expects that people more or less wake up at the same time each day. You should have a reason to get out of bed. You must have a reason which you enjoy to get out of the bed.

Be rigorous about sticking to your sleep schedule.
Once you have reached a practicable bedtime and a regular wake-up time, don’t allow yourself to deviate from it. Even one late night will ruin the progress you’ve made so far. Predictability is key to the success.

Avoid exposure to light before you wish to sleep.
Exposure to the evening light might change your body clock to a late pattern schedule. Decreasing household light exposure before your bedtime is a simple and practical step towards overcoming circadian misalignment. If you’re trying to go to sleep sooner, avoid bright and outdoor light close to bedtime and keep your surroundings dim at night.