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Some people try to cover their hair loss by changing hairstyles or using hats or scarves. Now that there are treatment options for this condition, sufferers need not feel bad about it anymore.

Hair loss can be as a result of heredity, hormonal changes or a medical condition or complication. Both men and women could experience hair loss, although, men are more prone, especially baldness, which involves excessive hair loss from the scalp.

By using hair loss tablets or other hair loss treatment medication, you can reverse or slow the condition. In the case of conditions like patchy hair loss, this could restore itself within a year or so.

This non-prescription medication is known to assist with hair regrowth as well as prevent further hair loss. It comes as a foam which can be easily applied by rubbing on your scalp. It works by prolonging the hair growth phase thus enabling its full density. During the first few weeks of use, Regaine may cause you to shed hair as hair follicle. You may need to wait for about three to four months for the effect to be noticeable.

Finasteride is a men-only approved hair loss tablet to slow the condition of hair loss and even make new hair grow. It works by inhibiting the production of a male hormone in the scalp known as androgen dihydrotestosterone (DHT) which shuts down follicles to cause male pattern baldness. It is the best treatment for hair loss in men but its use has to be continued to prevent further hair loss. Its effect can be noticed within three months of use.

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