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Xenical and Orlistat 120mg Capsules

Xenical and Orlistat 120mg Capsules

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Xenical and Orlistat 120mg Capsules

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Orlistat is taken by people who are overweight or obese and want to lose weight. The weight loss medication interferes with how the body digests and absorbs fat


Xenical is a weight loss medication prescribed by doctors to patients who have become obese or overweight, thus, putting them at risk to develop several medical conditions if they do not lose weight.

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The weight loss medication helps people lose weight by blocking enzymes found in the gut, responsible for digesting fat. The fat that does not get absorbed by the body passes through the body in the form of stools. A typical dose prescribed to patients is to take the medication three times each day with food.

If the person has not eaten anything or ate something that did not contain any fat, they should not take a capsule. Doctors give the weight loss medication to people who are at risk of developing heart disease, high blood pressure, and diabetes, which all can shorten one’s lifespan.

Some of the side effects related to Orlistat include oily spotting, fatty or greasy stool, a sudden urge to go to the bathroom, intestinal gas and discharge, and making several trips to the bathroom. However, as the body becomes used to the medication, the side effects naturally decrease. If you experience any other symptoms not mentioned here, you should stop taking medicine and consult with your doctor.

You can buy Orlistat online from an online health clinic in London. People who do not want to go to the trouble of buying the medication from a traditional pharmacy can order the medication from the online health clinic in London to have it delivered to their specified location.


Xenical is different from Orlistat because a doctor must prescribe the medication while Orlistat is an over the counter medicine. The medicine does more than help people lose weight, but it also helps them keep the weight off.

To increase your chances of losing weight while using Xenical, you should maintain a low-calorie diet. The medication works by breaking the dietary fats into smaller pieces and preventing your body from absorbing them.

The unabsorbed fat is released from the body in the form of oily stools. However, the medication does not restrict the absorption of calories found in non-fat foods and sugar, which means people taking Xenical should limit the number of calories they intake each day.

You need to take the weight loss medication three times each day with a glass of water and food unless instructed otherwise by your doctor. You may experience increased bowel movement and changes in the appearance of your stools, but that is normal and nothing to worry about.

If you experience any other side effects such as dark urine, abdominal pains, and vomiting, consult with your doctor. You can buy Xenical online from a health clinic in London. Since the clinic is based online, you will not have to visit a pharmacy, but can place your order online for the medication.

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