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Curanail nail

Curanail nail

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Curanail nail

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Curanail (Loceryl) contains amorolfine, the active ingredient responsible for killing yeasts and fungi by interrupting their cell membranes. The antifungal medication treats nail infection that affects the sides or tips of one or two toenails or fingernails.

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This medication creates holes in the fungal cell membranes. By creating holes, the infection contained in the fungal cells seeps out and eliminates the fungi and heals the disease. Fungal nail infections are not that easy to kill.

When a person develops a nail infection, the hard texture of nails makes it difficult to enter and take several weeks or more to replace old tissue with new tissue. Curanail (Loceryl) can be directly applied to the infected nails.

One can wash their hands and feet because the medication is resistant to water and soap and remains on the nails for several weeks. The drug penetrates the bed of the infected nail and kills the infection. Since the medication stays on the nails for weeks, people should only apply the medication to the infected nail once every week, but never on the skin surrounding the nail.

They should also file down the infected nails with a separate nail file because using the same nail file for other nails can cause the infection to spread. People should buy alcohol swabs to clean the area before applying the medication. People can buy Curanail (Loceryl) online from a health clinic in London. The medication will be delivered to their house.

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Curanail nail lacquer for fungal infections 5% 5ml£10.00

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