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Kwells is a motion sickness medication, given to both adults and children aged ten and up. The motion sickness medication contains hyoscine hydrobromide trihydrate. Doctors prescribe the medication to patients who suffer from motion or travel sickness. The medication prevents and control motion sickness.

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Hyoscine hydrobromide trihydrate, the active ingredient in the medication, is also known antimuscarinis and scopolamine. Your inner ear is made of three canals, containing fluid, the entirety of which is known as the vestibular system. The three canals in your inner ear are responsible for identifying changes in the position of the body.

When the body changes position, motion sickness occurs. The vestibular system sends signals to your brain, informing of the changes in position whereas your eyes send different and conflicting signals to your brain, stating that your body is not moving around.

The active ingredient in the medication prevents travel sickness by blocking the signals your vestibular system sends to your brain. Motion sickness occurs when your brain sends signals to the vomiting centre of the brain.

The medication also blocks the vomiting centre from sending nerve signals to your stomach, which if sent, would make your nauseous and vomit. You should buy Kwells online from a reputable health clinic in London prior to traveling to ensure its effectiveness and take it at least half an hour before you are set to travel.

If you take the medication after you begin to feel sick or start vomiting, the medication will take longer to work. There are several different methods to take the medication. You can chew, suck, or swallow it with a glass of water.

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