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Motion Sickness
Motion Sickness is a disease which affects a small part of the population. Motion sickness is why many people end up feeling nauseous and end up vomiting when they ride roller coasters, trains, and driving on the high way. Motion sickness is not a serious issue but it can be a very unpleasant one. Pregnant women are much more likely to suffer motion sickness.

What causes Motion Sickness?
Motion sickness happens because your body gets confused. Our bodies use a combination of sensors and signals to orient us. The way the sound reaches our ears and what we see from our eyes is combined to create a horizon for us on which we are mentally balanced. The motion means that the sound and the visuals may be a bit disconnected which ends up disorienting some people. The signals get mixed up in the body resulting in nausea and vomiting.

Is there a cure for Motion Sickness?
There is no permanent cure for motion sickness but the symptoms of this disease can be managed with the help of medication.  Sometimes motion sickness can be cured by simply changing one’s position within the car and sitting next to a window seat.

How do Motion Sickness medications work?
Motion sickness medications make your body feels relaxed and fight the feeling of nausea being formed inside you. This results in a comfortable experience without headaches, disorientation, and any vomiting. You do not need to call a doctor in case of motion sickness, simple over the counter medications counteract it well.