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Migraines are severe throbbing headaches that happen from time to time to some people. They are more severe than normal headaches, though not as severe as cluster headaches, which are reported to be one of the most painful experiences for people. People who suffer from migraines know that they need to keep medication nearby because no one can predict when a migraine will happen.

What causes Migraines?
Here’s something that will surprise you – the exact cause of this painful condition is not known. Some people get migraines when they are stressed, some people are triggered by certain foods, for some people its loud noises, and so on.

Is there a cure for Migraines?
There is no permanent cure for migraines. Since we do not even know what causes migraines we don’t know how to cure it yet. The medications available can help remove the symptoms temporarily. You will still need to lie down and get some rest but the intense pain of the migraine will be mostly managed. Note that the severity of the migraines also determines what sorts of medications are prescribed. Also, avoiding certain types of food that trigger migraines and maintaining a healthy lifestylecan help in managing migraines effectively.

How do Migraine medications work?
Migraine medications simply mitigate the symptoms of migraine, their primary function being the management of pain. Taking medication at the right time can mean lower pain or no pain at all. Migraines can be treated with simple over the counter medications, though if the migraine gets too severe you should get in touch with a doctor.