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High Cholesterol
High cholesterol is an incredibly common problem nowadays, all the credit goes to the unhealthy lifestyles most people have. Cholesterol is actually a good thing which our body needs, but too much of it can be very bad for us. People who have cholesterol related problems need to avoid oily foods and make other lifestyle changes as well. They also have to take medications to manage the disease, as high cholesterol can result in lasting damage to the body.

What causes High Cholesterol?
There are many different factors which can cause high cholesterol. The most prominent cause is diet. Eating too much junk food or food with too much oil can result in high cholesterol. Obesity is another cause of high cholesterol as well as a lack of activities throughout the day. If a person has a family history of high cholesterol then they are at risk of getting it too.

Is there a cure for High Cholesterol?
Lifestyle changes can bring cholesterol under control over time, but medication is needed to ensure that the body keeps functioning properly during this time. There is no cure as such, though one can eliminate the reason that high cholesterol happened.

How do High Cholesterol medications work?
Cholesterol is created by your liver, because your body needs cholesterol. Most cholesterol medications lower the production of cholesterol in the liver, which in turn reduces the amount of cholesterol in the body. This results in the body getting healthier, as high cholesterol damages many different organs.