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The flu is similar to catching a cold but more severe. Around 10% of people end up getting the flu every year, which is why almost everyone knows what it is. It may be the most commonly caught viral infection in the world after the common cold. The main difference between the common cold and flu is that the flu also comes with body aches, headaches, and fever. It isn’t dangerous, thanks to easily available medications, but it is annoying and hard to go through. 

What causes Flu?
Flu is simply a respiratory infection that can be caused by multiple viruses, thus making it hard to pin it down to just one culprit. Flu is contagious in nature which is why it often ends up catching more than one person in a family. It can be spread by close contact, and also spread through coughs and sneezes of an infected person.

Is there a cure for Flu?
There isn’t a specific cure for flu. You just need to treat the symptoms. Although, you can survive the flu without taking any medications, but it will be painful and very uncomfortable to do so.

How does flu medication work?
The flu is a viral disease that takes a few days to get out of your system without any medications. The medications make it go away faster and they also mitigate the symptoms. The medications can control the fever and eliminate the body pain and headache.