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Nipatra is a chewable tablet that contains the active ingredient sildenafil citrate. The medication treats erectile dysfunction in men, helping them obtain and maintain an erection during sexual activity. Men can buy erectile dysfunction pills online through an online pharmacy.

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Doctors prescribe Nipatra to men suffering from erectile dysfunction or impotence. Erectile dysfunction is a condition where the male organ does not receive sufficient blood flow. Restricted blood flow to the male organ causes men to develop erectile dysfunction, as blood flow plays a vital role in helping men achieve an erection.

Men taking Nipatra should take it one hour before engaging in sexual activity. They should adequately chew the tablet and then swallow it. They can take the pill either before or after food or with food. However, men who do not suffer from this condition should not take the medication.

Some of the common side effects men may experience while taking the medication include headaches, vision changes, nasal congestion, flushing, and dizziness. If men experience side effects not listed here, they should consult their doctor.

It is recommended that people do not drink alcohol or limit the number of alcoholic drinks they have in a day, as it can impair their ability to obtain and maintain an erection. The medication should only be taken by men who are 18 and older.

Men who do not want to disclose their medical condition to others may be reluctant to visit a traditional pharmacy to buy it. Instead, they can buy Nipatra online from a sexual health clinic in London.

NamePrice (£)
Nipatra 25mg 4 tablets 19.99
Nipatra 25mg 8 tablets 29.99
Nipatra 25mg 12 tablets 39.99
Nipatra 25mg 16 tablets 49.99
Nipatra 25mg 24 tablets 69.99
Nipatra 25mg 28 tablets 79.99
Nipatra 25mg 32 tablets 89.99
Nipatra 25mg 64 tablets 139.99
Nipatra 50mg 4 tablets 19.99
Nipatra 50mg 8 tablets 29.99
Nipatra 50mg 12 tablets 39.99
Nipatra 50mg 16 tablets 49.99


NamePrice (£)
Nipatra 50mg 24 tablets 69.99
Nipatra 50mg 28 tablets 79.99
Nipatra 50mg 32 tablets 89.99
Nipatra 50mg 64 tablets 139.99
Nipatra 100mg 4 tablets 19.99
Nipatra 100mg 8 tablets 29.99
Nipatra 100mg 12 tablets 39.99
Nipatra 100mg 16 tablets 49.99
Nipatra 100mg 24 tablets 69.99
Nipatra 100mg 28 tablets 79.99
Nipatra 100mg 32 tablets 89.99
Nipatra 100mg 64 tablets 139.99

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