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Levitra or Vardenafil works by relaxing the muscles located in the walls of the blood vessels. It increases the blood flow to certain parts of the body to prevent erectile dysfunction or impotence in men.

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The primary purpose of the medication is to treat sexual dysfunction conditions in men such as erectile dysfunction and impotence. The drug increases the flow of blood to the male organ to allow men to obtain and maintain an erection.

However, the medication does not prevent men from contracting sexually transmitted diseases. You can take medicine with or without food. The drug needs to be taken an hour before engaging in sexual intercourse. You should only take one capsule each day and not more than once.

You should avoid drinking or eat grapefruit while the medication is in your system unless your doctor instructs otherwise. It is said that grapefruit can increase the probability of the person experiencing side effects. Some of the side effects associated with taking this medication include stuffy nose, flushing, headaches, upset stomach, back pain, and dizziness.

If you experience any other side effects other than the ones mentioned, consult with your doctor. In the event your erection does not go away, you should seek a doctor right away, as a prolonged erection can harm the male organ. You do not have to visit a traditional pharmacy to buy Levitra because now, you can buy Levitra online. You can buy erectile dysfunction pills online from an online sexual health clinic and have them delivered to your house. 

NamePrice (£)
Levitra 10mg Tabs (8)£60.00
Levitra 20mg Tabs (8)£88.00
The active ingredient in Levitra is Vardenafil. Each tablet contains 5mg, 10mg or 20mg of Vardenafil, depending on the dosage. Levitra 5 mg film-coated tablets are orange round tablets marked with the BAYER-cross on one side and “5

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