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Janumet is a medication used to manage type 2 Diabetes. Janumet contains Metformin and Sitagliptin. Sitagliptin is the active ingredient in Januvia, while Metformin is the principal ingredient of Glucophage. Basically, this is a combination of both these medications.

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Janumet works by combining two different type 2 diabetes medications. The medications are Januvia and Glucophage. Januvia increases the production of incretins in the body, which results in more insulin being produced in the body. It also makes the body more sensitive to insulin, which allows insulin to work better. Glucophage works by directly affecting the liver and decreasing the amount of sugar produced when we eat something.

The combined effect of these two means that your body gets more insulin while getting a lower amount of sugar at the same time. This combination is very effecting in dealing with type 2 diabetes which is why Janumet is one of the most commonly used diabetes medications. You should not take Janumet if you have kidney problems, heart problems, high triglycerides, a history of alcoholism, or pancreatitis. You should talk to your doctor if you are taking any other medication when you start taking Janumet, as it may react with certain other medications.Contact a doctor immediately if you start feeling the side effects of your blood sugar being too low.

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