Tips to Stay Safe from Malaria

Going to an exotic holiday destination? Have you checked whether the area is a malaria-prone? Are you aware of the basic tips on how to prevent malaria? If you are travelling to the malaria-prone regions, follow these malaria prevention tips to stay safe.

1. Stay in well-screened spaces at night
Try to avoid sleeping out in the open or in the vicinity where mosquitoes are prevalent such as standing water in waste dumps and lakes. If you are sleeping inside a tent, make sure that the tent is intact with zero holes. This is a very basic rule, but it can really benefit you with preventing mosquito bites.

2. Get antimalarial treatment
Taking the correct malaria prevention tablet for your destination can reduce your risk of malaria by 90%. Antimalarials help your body fight the parasite that causes malaria. So, if you are bitten by a mosquito carrying the Malaria parasite, the normal dose of the anti-malarial tablets will protect you from infection. London Medical Online offers the best quality anti-malarial tablets at highly affordable rates and delivers it directly to your doorstep.

Available treatments:

Tips to Stay Safe from Malaria
Tips to Stay Safe from Malaria

3. Always use a bed-net infused with insecticides
Check if the safety net is damaged and always assure it is appropriately tucked underneath your mattress. The room itself should have some nets attached to your windows as well as the doors. Keep the AC on, as mosquitoes usually stay out of cold and air-conditioned rooms.

4. Use mosquito repellent
Use pyrethroids containing insect spray in all living and sleeping areas, during the evening and night hours. If you can, use the insect repellent lotions as well as creams to any remaining exposed parts of the skin during the later hours. It is recommended to apply the effective insect repellent also during the daytime.

5. Go for long sleeves
Wear long sleeve shirts to cover your skin. You can also put permethrin on your clothes to enhance your protection.

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