Many men need help with erectile dysfunction. Few of them only struggle to gain or maintain an erection on the odd occasions while others face a problem more permanent in nature. You can always buy erectile dysfunction pills online, but if you only experience occasional ED and want to treat it without any drugs, you could do it at home, just with food.

Healthy diet
Sticking to a healthy diet and avoiding highly processed food will go a long way towards alleviating symptoms of erectile dysfunction. These foods can be labelled as aphrodisiacs. Foods that may boost your sexuaerectile dysfunction pills onlinel desire:

  1. Berries (as well as citrus fruits) hold chemicals which are associated with reducing symptoms of ED.

  2. Dark chocolate improves levels of dopamine, the 'pleasure' hormone, in the body.

  3. Oysters have more zinc than other foods and help with sperm mobility.

  4. Cayenne pepper increases the heart rate and releases the endorphins.

  5. Red wine relaxes your arteries and improves blood flow to the genitals. (Red wine incorporates the same biochemicals found in berries as well as in citrus fruits.)

  6. Pistachios include the protein arginine. It relaxes the blood vessels, thus improving blood flow throughout the body.

  7. Coffee has caffeine, and a study suggests that caffeine relaxes particular muscles in the penis, enhancing the blood flow and helping to maintain an erection.

Because physiological factors such as blood flow and hormone levels may affect ED, a good diet with the proper vitamins as well as minerals will optimise the patient’s sexual health.

And as the world population struggles with cardiovascular disease and obesity, there is a notable improvement in conditions like diabetes and hypertension, which have a significant impact on blood flow – consequently increasing the severity of ED.

Exercise may help
Research has shown that men who exercise more have better performance in bed. It was observed in men who engaged in either 2 hrs of strenuous exercise, 3.5 hrs of moderate exercise, or 6 hrs of light exercise every week. And although there are no particular exercise men must do to achieve better sexual health, any form of exercise is helpful.