While a planned pregnancy could make you happy, an unplanned pregnancy can be quite traumatic. Since, there are multiple options available in the market to prevent the pregnancy, picking the right method from this broad range can be daunting. For many years, condoms were considered to be the most reliable option to prevent unwanted pregnancy, but identifying other ways has also proven helpful to prevent the conception. So what are the other means to prevent pregnancy? Here we have listed a few.
Birth control pills

Birth control pills
Birth control pills or usually known as BCPs are extensively used by women to control unwanted pregnancy. The capsule contains a combination of estrogen and progestogen which helps to inhibit female fertility. The medicine works by thickening cervical mucus making it challenging for sperms to enter the uterus. It is quite safe and effective if taken correctly. Doctor’s advice is necessary before you start taking the birth control pills.

Progestin pills: It contains progestin only. These pills are also called as the Mini Pill.

Combination pills:  It carries both estrogen and progestin.

As there are different types of combination pills such as monophasic, multiphasic as well as extended regimens, you have a variety to select the most suitable for you. However, it is not necessary that every medicine suits you and hence you need to assess which drug works best in your case.

How do birth control pills affect you?

  • They make your menstrual cycle lighter, regular and more controllable.
  • They are simple to use than any other contraceptive techniques.
  • They also help in reducing acne.
  • They do not affect your fertility.
  • They decrease the risk of developing ovarian cancer, anaemia, endometrial cancer, ectopic pregnancy, and pelvic inflammatory disease.

Side effects of BCP
As mentioned, it is essential to consult your physician before you go on birth control pill as they might have the following side effects:

  • A headache
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Breast Tenderness
  • Weight Gain
  • Irregular Bleeding
  • Mood Swings
  • Pigmentation on the skin

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